Botrond HK Limited was established in 2011, headquartered in Longhua, Shenzhen, and has branches in Qingdao, Wuhan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. After 10 years of forging ahead, we has developed rapidly and become the world’s leading electronic components one stop type supporting suppliers. We focus on providing high-quality and affordable mid-to-high-end semiconductor components distribution and value-added services for global electronics companies. Our employees exceeds 50 with 500+ million RMB sales in 2021 and we has more than 5,000 items of spot inventory as well as consignment goods.

We have the ability to meet customers’ various spot and futures needs, and achieve fast accurate delivery, relying on our powerful information data processing system, efficiently professional material control management platform and high-quality work staff team with 6,000+ manufacturers of electronic product brand supply channels and spot inventory. Committed to creating one-stop, all-round electroniccomponents supply chain supporting solutions for customers, our company integrates various supply channels at home and abroad, which wins high recognition from customers with high-quality products, good reputation and considerate service. As of 2020, our company has cooperated with more than 1,000 customers, 36% of them are listed companies,including military institutes, communications, industrial control, automotive, and medical customers.Many well-known domestic enterprises have close cooperation with Botrond HK Limited.


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Small batch supply
Small batch supply
-Our multi type and small batch supply services help you save cost by offering solutions to emergency replenishment problems in your prototype trial production, new product research development, and project order addition;
-Almost no order quantity and total amount limit;
-Help teams control the budget cost in the R &D stage;
-Assist in the investigation of the market supply of various materials in subsequent mass production to ensure stable demand supply;
BOM matching
BOM matching
We commit to providing the "one-stop" purchasing service to your fully integrated BOM, which help you solve the multi-point purchase trouble problems and reduce procurement time & cost to maintain your market competitiveness.
-Our professional purchasing team help you reduce the complicated inquiry processes;
-Match your BOM components up to 90%, which helps you lower the inquiry cost;
-We support supplying common used part numbers stably with reducing purchasing cost and feedback the component market trends in time. And we assist you making the production plan of preparing batch material stocks to reduce the single transaction cost & time;
-24 hours daily operation to implement and process your demand requirements.
Purchasing components in shortage
Hard to find stock
-Supply components that are in scare shortage, production termination, special / unusual application scenarios as well as military industrial integrated circuits.
-Solve your material of shortage trouble problems.
-We have 7000+ reliable suppliers who own the spot inventory stock, and 40% channels of them are from original factory / official distributors, covers Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea. And we have the ability to be one of your best IC supply partners. -Buy component electronics from original factory / authorized distributors / partner channels flexibly and 24 hours standby for procurement services
Excess Stock Selling
Sluggish material handling
-Help manufacturers sell the excess stock & obsoleted inventory with our Botrond 12+ years customer data base system. -Increase the turnover rate of the sluggish material by analyzing potential customers demand in depth to make good use of corporate funds.
-Solve the excess stock pressure problems more quickly, simply, efficiently based on Botrond improved warehouse logistic network and sluggish material handling solutions as well as professional component electronics storage / distribution channels.
-Reduce inventory management cost like human resources / warehouse fee and other risks, such as the component electronics storage management expense to keep goods from destroying, etc.
-Provide more inventory management services, for instance, offer more solutions for obsoleted inventory, from which discontinued parts as of Engineering Change Released or products discontinued or R&D ended projects to keep safe stock level to strengthen the market competitiveness.
Component Electronics Test Services
Component testing service
-Provide third-party authoritative test agency services, like White Horse, CECC, GETS, Guangzhou Ceprei Lab, Aerospace 771 Testing Center, which help you guarantee the 100% original quality with more convincing basis.
-Professional test reports of basic function can be provided according to specific requirements.
-Help manufacturers recommend the corresponding product test center.
-Assist factory inspectors with training / mastering the basic visual inspection skills and methods of parts。
-More services for the comprehensive quality control to solve your worries.
Long-term Supply and Stock Preparation Services
Long term supply and preparation services
-Provide common / widely used components stably to help manufacturers reduce cost and solve worries with our long-term supply and stocking services.
-Cooperate with the specified production plan forecast and feedback component electronics newest market dynamics in time to help factories realize zero-stock material management.
-More than 30 well-known OEM and EMS factories common widely used inventory for Botrond flexible resale.
-Material preparation solution with our big EMS partner like Samina, Jabil, Zollner etc. batches procurement, which greatly help manufacturer reduce the cost and time of a single transaction flexibly.
Value added services
Value added services
-Provide pre-sales and after-sales value-added services as a personal consultant to help you solve various thorny difficult problems.
-Help you find technical support documents like data sheets and materials etc.
-Help you find alternative solutions for various components that are hard to find and out of production.
-Apply samples for you according to project demand.